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We Offer Effective Mosquito Control For All Your Outdoor Events & Special Occasions!

Are you planning an outdoor wedding, family reunion, graduation or birthday party or other outdoor event? Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your special day.

Our special events spray will keep mosquitoes off your guest list.

About 24-48 hours prior to guests’ arrival, Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County will apply a barrier spray that includes extra protection against biting, stinging insects. It’s exactly what you need for a perfect party:

*Eliminates or greatly reduces the number of mosquitoes that might otherwise bite guests or hover around food.
*Dries in 30 minutes, leaving no odor or visible residue.
Is applied long before your food and dinnerware arrive, so there’s no opportunity for contamination.
*Provides protection day and night through your entire event.

Watch what happened at Susie and Jonathon’s outdoor wedding without the Squad:

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